World Pork Expo
If its about Pork Production, You'll find it at NPPC's World Pork Expo
National Pork Producers Council


The National Pork Producers Council and World Pork Expo are committed to maintaining strict biosecurity protocols that can help prevent disease.


World Pork Expo assures stringent health requirements are in place for the World Pork Expo shows and sales. It is also recommened Expo attendees observe good biosecurity practices, including wearing clean clothing and shoes that have not been inside a pork-production facility.

As an added assurance, the swine barns and pens will be disinfected before the pigs arrive and immediately after Expo. 


For more information

Expo attendees can learn about the latest in managing biosecurity and diseases at educational seminars.


Read the rules and regulations for the World Pork Expo swine shows.