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There’s a reason why World Pork Expo is one of the most anticipated events in pork industry! Each day offers many opportunities for connection and education — from the expansive trade show and the informative seminars to industry networking and evening social events. It’s all waiting to be discovered at World Pork Expo.

Be sure to check back frequently as we are always adding new opportunities and activities to the World Pork Expo schedule!

Wednesday, June 5

1:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Kent - A Partner in Continuous Improvement

Kent is known for bringing the latest nutrition technologies to your hog operation. Join the Kent team as they announce new product developments with their NexGex® Advanced line-up, review their latest swine research and hear from their Innovative Solutions team about a new swine origin probiotic – EFFICOR™.

Speakers: Dr. Jim Smith, Dr. Michael Edmonds, Kale Causemaker

Sponsored by: Kent Feeds
Varied Industries Building, Meeting Room B

2:00 PM – 3:00 PM

The Impact of Clean Feed on Endemic Swine Disease

Feed is a fomite for swine viruses. These viruses not only cause significant animal welfare issues but also result in significant economic losses. Combating these viruses requires reviewing and strengthening your operation’s biosecurity program to block potential opportunities for transmission. Preventing virus transmission through contaminated feed is achievable with proper protocols in place.

Join Dr. Francisco Domingues, Anitox Technical Director of Swine Markets, as he discusses the impact of clean feed on endemic swine disease. Together with Pipestone, Dr. Domingues and Dr. Scott Dee conducted an ice-block challenge to determine the effectiveness of a feed sanitizer to reduce the risk of transmission of PEDV, PRRSV and SVA. We’ll explore effective intervention options and build out your mill’s safest, most efficient biosecurity plan during this interactive conversation.

Sponsored by: Antiox
Varied Industries Building, Meeting Room D

Thursday, June 6

10:00 AM – 11:30 AM

Challenging Health and Productivity - How does the U.S. lead the world in sustainable, profitable pork production?

The US pork industry is one of the most productive in the world. But, are we losing our competitive advantage because of health challenges which lead to lower productivity? If no improvements are made, what implications does that have on the sustainability of our farms, businesses, industry, and even global trade? How do we address health challenges, livability, and achieving more with fewer resources all in one go?

Join Dr. Mark Lyons, President and CEO of Alltech, as he hosts a conversation with key individuals on the state of our industry and what that means for everything from animal health to global trade considerations. This panel will discuss what this could mean for your operation and our global relevancy as we all work towards creating economic and environmental sustainability and ensuring A Planet of Plenty for consumers and pork producers.

Sponsored by: Alltech
Varied Industries Building, Meeting Room D